Sangha Gathering

Sangha Gatherings

Not trying to "Trick" you, but you're in for a "Treat" at the November Sangha Gathering, this Sunday, 11/5/17 at 10:00.

If you haven't already attended a Sangha Gathering Service, please join us at the Buddhist Church of Parlier! We're sure you'll enjoy your time. Invite your friends and family, too!

Thank you for replying to this email so we will have an idea how many to prepare for.

On schedule for this Sunday, November 5th, we have:
Naijin Prep: Matsuko will take care of the osonaye and obuppan (food & fruit, & rice) set-up. (Flowers are ordered and will be there for you to set up.)

Kansho: Curtis
Chairman & Readings: Cheryl & Crew
Meditation: Kaye
Chanting: Yuki & fellow chanting leaders
10 Minute Talk: Toshie will talk about "No Self and Emptiness"
Children's Activity: Ashley
Senior Class: Nancy
Adult Discussion: Toshie will lead the discussion
Comfort: Errin, Curtis & Cheryl will take care of refreshments.
Partake: Everyone! Itadakimasu! 😋

See you this Sunday!

In gassho,

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Upcoming Events


11-4   : BWA Yard sale, 8am to 11am
11-5   : Sangha Gathering
11-11 : Church Cleaning Group 3
11-11 : Q and A with Rev and Patti Oshita
11-12 : Eshinni/Monthly Service

Eshinni, Kakushinni/ Monthly memorial service will be Sunday, November 12th at 10:00 a.m. Guest speaker for the service will be Reverend Patti Oshita. Luncheon to follow, headed by Carol and Henry Guerra. The menu will be chicken, rice, broccoli, soup & dessert. The usual cost will be $5.00 for lunch. So, no tofu festival this year. Please RSVP either yes or no, and how many will be attending the luncheon by this Friday Nov. 3rd. Also, Saturday Nov.11th, the day before the service, is Q&A with Rev. Bob Oshita @ 4pm. Thanks, everyone.
Charlene Miyakawa


Sangha Gatherings