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Thank you for taking the time
to visit us. Feel free to contact
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Buddhist Churches of America®
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80th Anniverssary Picture

Upcoming Events

  1 (Sat) V&P Trip to Hsi Lai Temple, 6 am
  2 (Sun) Sangha Gathering, 10 am
  3 (Mon) BEC w/ Ellen Crane, Reedley, 7 pm
7-9 (Fri) FBWA Conference, WA
10 (Mon) Board Meeting, 7 pm
12 (Wed) Buddhist Discussion, 7 pm
15 (Sat) Church Cleanup, 8 am
16 (Sun) Eitaikyo and October Service, 10 am

5 (Sat) BWA Yardsale, 8:00am
6 (Sun) Sangha Gathering, 10:00am
9 (Mon) Buddhist Discussion, 7:00pm
12 (Sat) Church Cleanup, 8:00am
13 (Sun) Eshinni/Kakushinni Service, 10:00am
14 (Mon) Board Meeting, 7:00pm
19 (Sat) 85th Anniversary, 10:00am
21 (Mon) Shoshinge Service, 7:00pm


85th Anniversary

Sangha Gatherings